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Work experience

How was it?

Hello there! We are students in 9th year and we want to give you some impressions of our work experience from the 19th of January to the 6th of February. We have all been working in different areas of business.

Obol's work experience was in a kindergarten because he didn't find a place he liked and he has never gone to kindergarten in Germany, so it was something new for him. There are about eight kindergarten teachers. Obol had to do different things but it was the same activity every day and he didn't like it because it was boring.

The next one is Sajanth: „I did my work experience at a paediatrician's. I saw many things and a lot of illnesses I had never heard of before. I learned how to protect myself from these illnesses. I had to measure and write down weight, size and the headsize of babies. I liked it and would do it again.

Antonios says about his experience: „I did my work experience at Rossmann's. My tasks were to fill up the shelves, cleaning the shop and helping costumers. The job was very hard and many people underestimate this job. There was another student from our school at the shop. I wouldn't do it again because it was boring.“

Aria had his work experience in the Siemens AG. He really enjoyed being there because he could do cool projects. One of his projects was to construct and solder an LED-cube which he programmed. He liked it and would do it again.

Patrik tells us: „I was in a lawyer's office because I am very interested in law and I can imagine doing something along these lines later. I accompanied the lawyer to trials and read the documents from these trials. I worked from 9.00 a.m. to 15.00 p.m. I liked my work experience and I would repeat and recommend it.

We all recommend our work experience placements because we had fun and the employers and the staff were very nice to us. They spent a lot of time showing us how they work.

English class / K. Amann